Addiction Professional Services
California counselors are required by law to be registered and certified by a State of California approved and nationally-accredited certification organization. We encourage you to select the certification agency that is recognized or preferred by your current or potential future employer.

California Law

Here is a link to the State of California law relating to the registration and certification of alcohol and other drug (AOD) counselors and their employers:

AOD Counselors
You must be REGISTERED with one of the State of California approved certification agencies within six (6) months of starting to provide counseling services,
then you must be FULLY CERTIFIED within five (5) years of Registration
30% of your staff who are providing
counseling services must be fully certified as of April 1, 2010
or you will be cited by DHCS

Certification Agencies
Breining Institute has provided nationally-recognized higher education, training, testing and certification for addiction professionals since 1986.

California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators serves approximately 60 college and university programs in California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

California Association of DUI Treatment Programs serves drinking driver / driving-under-the-influence programs throughout California.

Disciplinary Agency
State of California
Department of Health Care Services