Addiction Professional Services
California's choice for Counselor Certification
Based on nationally-recognized and credible standards, the State-approved Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) Credential is the right choice for counselors and employers in California.

California law requires alcohol and other drug / substance use disorders (AOD/SUD) counselors be registered and certified by a State-approved certification agency, and the CATC Credential from the prestigious California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators (CAADE) is the logical choice for individuals seeking a legitimate and credible counselor certification, and for employers seeking educated and qualified counselors.

Breining Institute and CAADE have joined forces to make earning the CATC Credential accessible and affordable for individuals with a desire to develop competency in this honorable profession. To learn how to earn the CATC Credential through Breining’s State-approved, self-paced, distance learning education course, please visit here:

And, for already-certified AOD/SUD counselors seeking advanced or specialty credentials, please visit Breining’s Professional Certifications page here:

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as California transitions to this uniform standard over the next two years.

AOD Counselors
You must be REGISTERED with a State of California approved certification agency such as CAADE within six (6) months of starting to provide counseling services,

... then you must be FULLY CERTIFIED within five (5) years of Registration

If you are not already registered as an AOD counselor in California, you may register with CAADE here:

Register with CAADE
30% of your staff who are providing
counseling services must be fully certified as of April 1, 2010
or you will be cited by the State of California
Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)


If you already hold an RAS Credential from Breining, including the RAS II, RAS III or M-RAS Credentials, send to Breining a completed "RAS to CATC Application" available at this link:
RAS to CATC Credential

California Law

Here is a link to the State of California law relating to the registration and certification of alcohol and other drug (AOD) counselors and their employers: