Addiction Professional Services
Breining and CAADE:
California's choice for nearly 30 years

Based on nationally-recognized and credible standards, the State-approved Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC) Credential is the "California's choice" for counselors and employers seeking educated and qualified counselors.

As announced in July 2014, Breining Institute and California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators (CAADE) have joined forces to make earning the CATC Credential accessible and affordable for individuals with a desire to develop competency in this important profession.

To learn how to earn the CATC Credential through Breining’s State-approved, self-paced, distance learning education course, please visit here: California AOD/SUD Counselor Certification

And, for already-certified AOD/SUD counselors seeking advanced or specialty credentials, please visit Breining’s Professional Certifications page here:
Advanced and Specialty Credentials

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity as California transitions to this uniform standard over the next two years.
"Leading the Way" Conference 2015
“Best conference of the year!” was heard more than once as Breining Institute and California Association for Alcohol / Drug Educators wrapped up the CAADE / Breining 2015 “Leading the Way” Conference April 17-19, 2015.

Great speakers and workshops, great networking, and a tremendous group of people to work with in California’s addiction professional community.

Please stay involved as Breining and CAADE continue their 30 year tradition to develop and deliver quality education, programs and services for addiction professionals, as well as serve as the profession’s advocate, in California.

We look forward to seeing you at the CAADE / Breining 2016 Conference!

Clean up your criminal record,
for improved opportunities in employment

For improved opportunities in employment, the program can help you expunge your California criminal record.
It can help you by:
•    Obtaining a copy of your California criminal record.
•    Determining if you are eligible to clear up your criminal convictions.
•    Preparing all documents to be filed with the Court so that the Court can order the expungement of your record.

The Clean Slate California / criminal record expungement service was developed and is provided by the Law Offices of Breining Kistner LLP, a general practice law firm whose partners have each been California-licensed attorneys for over 30 years.

Breining Kistner LLP is focused on assisting health care professionals and treatment programs with licensing and certification matters, with attorneys in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas.

Contact the attorneys at Breining Kistner LLP by visiting their web site at